2017 Sermons

"Forgive Often" by The Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
Open and Affirming Sermon Series - August/September 2017
"Weeding the Way" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"The Rippling Kingdom" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"The Crazy Gardener" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"Rest for Your Souls" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"Bud and Walter" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"What on Earth" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"As we are one" by Rev. Emily Corzine
Confirmation Sermon
"Emmaus" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"The Greeting" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"The Resurrection Place" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"Our Disabled Christ" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"The Road to Easter" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"What Do You See" by Shea Watts
"Where the Wind Blows" by Anthony Brown
"Come Out of the Ashes and Listen" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"A Face Like the Sun" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"A Second Simplicity" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"You've Heard It Said" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"Blessed Are You" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"Follow Me" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"A Name Above All Names" by Rev. Emily Corzine
2016 Sermons

"Into the World" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"Shepherds Why This Jubilee?" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"Living in the Moment" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"When Angels Intervene" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"In Those Days" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"Unexpected Arrival" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
:Endurance" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"Voting Values" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"Finish the Race" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"The Just Widow" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"The Table Will Be Wide" By Rev. Emily Corzine
"Friendship" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"Shrewd" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"When the World Changed" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"The Resurrected Mind" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"Rich Toward God" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"Only One Thing' by Rev. Emily Corzine
"A View from the Ditch" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"Hide and Seek" by Rev. Corzine
"An Unexpected Faith" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"Hope" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"Spirit" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"Come, Lord Jesus" by Rev. Emily Corzine
May 8, 2016 Sermon Corzine
"Joy-filled Prayers" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"Unlocked Doors" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"Poured Out" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"Are You Thirsty" by Rev. Emily Corzine
February 28, 2016 Sermon Corzine
"Pray Ceaselessly" by Rev. Emily Corzine
February 21, 2016 Sermon Corzine
"Wild Prayers" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
February 14 2016 Sermon Ahrens
"Confessing Prayers" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
February_10_2016_Ash Wednesday Service_Ahrens
"Two Shining Moments" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"The Nehemiah Project" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"Claimed" by Rev. Emily Corzine
January 10, 2016 sermon Corzine
"To Begin Again" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
January 3, 2016 Sermon Ahrens
2015 Sermons

"The World in Silence" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
December 24, 2015 11 p.m. Sermon Ahrens
"A Christmas Conspiracy" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"Love All" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"Give More" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"Spend Less" by Rev. Emily Corzine
December 6, 2015 Sermon Corzine
"Worship Fully" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
November 29, 2015 Sermon Ahrens
"The One Handed Over" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
November 22, 2015 Sermon Ahrens
"So, What Then?" by Rev. Emily Corzine
November 15, 2015 Sermon Rev. Corzine
"Generous Resurrection" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
November 1, 2015 Sermon Ahrens
"Count It All Joy!" by Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens
"Who Do You Think You Are" by Rev. Corzine
October 18, 2015 Sermon Corzine
"What is Required of You?" by Rev. Ahrens
October 11, 2015 Sermon Ahrens
"Be Not Afraid" by Alex Throckmorton
"Follow Me" by Rev. Corzine
September 13, 2015 Sermon
"One Person Too Many" by Rev. Dr. Livingston
"Sacred Ground" by Heather Giffen
"You Are What You Eat" by Rev. Clark
"Worthy Questions" by Rev. Corzine
"So Hungry" by Rev. Reed
"Opportunity Knocks" by Rev. Baumer
"With Joyful Urgency" by Rev. Corzine
"The Star Thrower" by Rev.Dr. Tim Ahrens
"Why Are You Afraid?" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"Inherit the Wind" by Rev. Dr. Ahrens
"Again and Again" by Rev. Corzine
Confirmation Sunday Sermon
"By What Power Do We Do This" by Rev. Ahrens
"Come to Believe" by Rev. Emily Corzine
The Essence of Christianity
"The Gates of Hope" by Rev. Emily Corzine
"Compassion: Moving the Wall" by Rev. Ahrens
"Beloved" by Rev. Emily Krause Corzine
"The Essence of Christianity" by Rev. Tim Ahrens
February 18_Sermon_Ash_Wednesday_Ahrens
"Dust of the Rabbi" by Rev. Dan Clark
"To Begin Again" by Rev. Tim Ahrens
January _4_2015_sermon
2014 Sermons

"No Place Like Home" by Rev. Tim Ahrens
"Wake Up Call"
November 9, 2014 by Rev. Dan Clark
"Imagine More...Love"
November 2 By Rev. Tim Ahrens
Gladden Lecture_Gary_Dorrien
October 26, 2014 Sermon
“Imagine More…Stewardship Like We Mean It”
October 12 - By Rev. Tim Ahrens
"We are Family!"
September 28 - By Rev. Tim Ahrens
“Committing an Offense of Grace”
September 21 - By Rev. Tim Ahrens
“Forgiving Debts”
September 14 - By Rev. Tim Ahrens
“Why Love Your Neighbor?”
September 7th - By Rev. Tim Ahrens
“Growing in Grace: Simple and Small”
July 27 - Rev. Dan Clark
"Growing in Grace: Treasures and Trash"
July 20 - Rev. Dan Clark
“Growing in Grace: Soil and Sun”
July 13 - Rev. Dan Clark
“A Declaration of Interdependence!”
July 6 - By Rev. Tim Ahrens
“Abraham and Isaac: Fear and Trembling”
June 29 - By Rev. Tim Ahrens
“Isaac and Ishmael: A Story for our Time”
June 22 - By Rev. Tim Ahrens
“Let’s Dance”
June 15 - By Rev. Dan Clark
"Ascending Spirit!"
June 1st - By Rev. Timothy C Ahrens
"God Is Still Breathing"
May 25th - By Rev. Dan Clark
Confirmation Sermon
May 18 - By Ben Allred and Victoria Washington
"Touch My Wounds"
April 27th - By Rev. Sarah Reed
“Sabbath: Rest as Resurrection”
April 20th - By Rev. Timothy C Ahrens
“Sabbath as Execution Day”
April 18th - By Rev. Timothy C Ahrens
“Sabbath as Suffering”
April 13th - By Rev. Timothy C Ahrens
“Sabbath as Homecoming”
April 6th - By Rev. Tim Ahrens
"Sabbath as Light in the Darkness"
March 30th - By Rev. Dr. Janine Wilson
“The Samaritan Woman at the Well”
March 23rd - By Sister Teresa Tuite, OP
“Sabbath as Risk, Resistance and Promise”
March 16th - By Rev. Tim Ahrens
“Sabbath: Stopping Time for One Day”
March 5th - By Rev. Timothy C Ahrens
“Forty Days and Forty Nights”
March 2th - By Rev. Janine Wilson
“Jesus’ Way: The Way of Nonviolent Resistance”
February 23 - By Rev. Tim Ahrens
"Youth Sunday Sermon"
February 2 - By Katie Gies
“Well-Loved Church Set to Explode!”
January 26 - Rev. Tim Ahrens
"Satyagraha = ‘Soul Force’"
January 19 - Rev. Tim Ahrens
“Baptismal Justice”
January 12 - Rev. Tim Ahrens
“Adopted Children”
January 5 - Rev. Tim Ahrens
2013 Sermons

“The Salvation of the Lord”
December 25 - Rev. Tim Ahrens
“A Child Refusing Evil, Choosing Good”
December 22 - Rev. Tim Ahrens
“I am Mary”
December 15 - Rev. Tim Ahrens
“The Stump and the Spirit!”
December 8 - Rev. Tim Ahrens
“War No More – Can you see it!”
December 1 - Rev. Dr. Wilson
“God is Busy Restoring Us!”*
November 24 - Rev. Ahrens
“Arguing for Good”
November 10 - Rev. Dr. Janine Wilson
Always Give Thanks!
November 3 - Rev. Ahrens
“Relentless Faith"
October 20 - Rev. Ahrens
"Return and Say 'Thanks!"
October 13 - Rev. Ahrens
Who Inspires Your Life
October 6 - Rev. Ahrens
Shine Forth, O Light!
September 29 - Rev. Ahrens
Lost and Found
September 15 - Rev. Ahrens
What God Sets in Place
September 8 - Rev. Ahrens
Jesus is Love
September 1 - Rev. Ahrens
Jesus is Resurrected Life!
August 25 - Rev. Ahrens
Jesus is Protector and Hope
August 18 - Rev. Ahrens
Jesus is Healer and Teacher
August 11 - Rev. Ahrens
Jesus is Living Proof
August 4 - Rev. Ahrens
Simple Honest Trust
July 28 - Rev. Wilson
Your Jericho Road
July 14 - Rev. Dr. Nancy Livingston
On a Mission From God
July 7 - Rev. Ahrens
Peripatetic Nomad
June 30 - Rev. Wilson
Listening to the Whispers of God
June 23 - Rev. Ahrens
Unconditional Love and Forgiveness
June 16 - Rev. Ahrens
Keep It Simple
June 9 - Rev. Ahrens
Getting Carried Away
May 12 - Rev. Ahrens
Give Them a Chance
May 5 - Rev. Ahrens
Love . . . Others
April 28 - Rev. Ahrens
Who is Your God?
April 21 - Rev. John Aeschbury
Shepherds for the World
April 14 - Alex Throckmorton
The Kingdom of Heaven is Yours!
March 31 (Easter) - Rev. Ahrens
Blessed are the Peacemakers
March 17 - Sister Maxine Shonk, O.P.
Blessed Mourning
February 24 - Rev. Sarah Reed
Blessed are the Poor in Spirit
February 17 - Rev. Ahrens
Blessed Are You
February 13 - Ash Wednesday - Rev. Ahrens
What Did Jesus Really Say (And Do)?
February 10 - Rev. Susan Thistlethwaite
What was Jesus' Constitution?
January 27 - Rev. Ahrens
Becoming King
January 20 - Rev. Ahrens
Baptism Matters
January 13 - Rev. Ahrens
Light Shine
January 6 - Rev. Ahrens
2012 Sermons

Christ With Us!
December 24 (Christmas Eve, 11 p.m.) - Rev. Ahrens
Santa Claus in the Pulpit
December 24, (Christmas Eve, 7:30 p.m.) - Rev. Ahrens
Live the Song of Mary in Your Life
December 23 - Rev. Ahrens
Bethlehem: Salvation from a Stable
December 9 - Rev. Ahrens
Prophets Know Where to Look
December 2 - Rev. Wilson
Crossing Over
November 18 - Rev. Ahrens
No More Tears
November 4 - Rev. Ahrens
Give Until it Feels Good
October 28 - Rev. Ahrens
Bring the Children to Jesus
October 21 - Rev. Ahrens
How Hard is it to be Generous?
October 14 - Rev. Ahrens
To Give Your Life
October 7 - Rev. Ahrens
Salted With Fire
September 30 - Rev. Ahrens
What Kind of Legacy Will You Leave?
September 23 - Rev. Ahrens
Who Are You, Jesus?
September 16 - Rev. Ahrens
A Very Good Story
September 9 - Rev. Phil Hart
The Sword of Courage
September 2 - Rev. Ahrens
The Scales of Justice
August 26 - Tom Brownfield and Emily Bennett
The Lamp of Wisdom
August 19 - Rev. Ahrens
The Chalice of Faith
August 12 - Rev. Ahrens
The Anchor of Hope
August 5 - Rev. Ahrens
The Chi Rho of Love
July 29 - Rev. Earl Fritz
Center of Gravity
July 22 - Rev. Wilson
Kings, Prophets and Followers
July 8 - Rev. Ahrens
Life After Loss
July 1 - Rev. Ahrens
Life's Battles Won
June 24 - Rev. Ahrens
Growing in Christ
June 17 - Rev. Ahrens
Arms Wide Open
June 10 - Rev. Sarah Reed
Saved to NOT Condemn
June 3 - Rev. Ahrens
Amazed and Perplexed
May 27 - Rev. Wilson
May 20 - Cameron Wade
Love Wins!?
May 13 - Rev. Dr. Walter Brueggemann
Fear Blossoming into Hope
May 6 - Rev. Ahrens
After Thinking it Over
April 29 - Rev. Ahrens
The Making of a Witness
April 22 - Rev. Lori A. Buehler
Believing Without Seeing
April 15 - Abby Salak
If There Were No Cross . . .
April 6 - Rev. Ahrens
Jesus Prays in the Time of Trial
April 1 - Rev. Ahrens
Jeremiah: Deliver Us, Lord
March 25 - Rev. Ahrens
Hannah: In Gratitude
March 18 - Rev. Wilson
Moses: Forgive Them, Lord
March 11 - Rev. Ahrens
Abraham: Spare Them, Lord
March 4 - Rev. Ahrens
Great Prayers Shape Our Faith
February 22 (Ash Wednesday) - Rev. Ahrens
Reflecting and Recharging
February 5 - Emma Welsh-Huggins
Listening to God's Call
January 29 - Rev. Ahrens
Defining Moments
January 22 - Rev. Wilson
The Oneness of the Human Family
January 15 - Rev. Dr. Ervin Smith
Baptismal Boldness
January 8 - Rev. Ahrens
King Herod's New Year's Resolution
January 1 - Rev. Ahrens
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