Ways to Complete Your Pledge
How to complete your 2014  pledge!
By Sharon Leidheiser

The end of 2014 is just around the corner and we want to make sure you know all the options for pay your pledge. Did you know there are 7 forms of payment that First Church accepts towards your pledge? 

Stock, Bond, Mutual Funds, and CD Transfers - We accept all of these forms of payment towards a pledge. If you have stocks, bonds, CD’s that are not performing well and want to avoid possible capital gains you can instead transfer the security to our account at Charles Schwab to apply to your pledge. 

Direct Deposit through Payroll Deduction at work- Many companies will allow you to make a payroll deduction from your paycheck. Church members find this way of paying their pledge easy because the company takes it out automatically every pay period. Each company has a different way of setting this deduction process up, contact your Human Resources representative or Payroll Specialist at your company to see if this is an option and have your company contact Sharon Leidheiser at the church for more information.

Personal Check- This form of payment is the most common at First Church. Write your check to First Church and indicate in the memo field PLEDGE so we know the money applies to your pledge. You can place the check in the Offering Plate at worship or mail it to the church.

Cash - We always accept cash! Please put the cash in an envelope and put your full name and amount on the line labeled PLEDGE. If you need envelopes because you pay with cash, please indicate this on your pledge card and we will put envelopes in your church mailbox. Please do not mail cash.

Bill Pay with your bank - Online banking is another alternative for you to pay your payment. You can set up the First Congregational Church as a payee or vendor in your list with payment to be automatically mailed to First Church as often as you’d like. Just indicate on the memo field: Pledge and Your Name so we can credit the check to the appropriate account. Contact your bank for more details since each bank is different.

Money Order or Cashiers Check - Please do not send money through the mail. If you do not have a checking account and the other payment options do not apply we recommend you send a money order or cashiers check with your full name written on the check and indication that it’s to apply to your pledge.

Online Credit Card Giving - We are pleased to offer a new way to pay your pledge. You can now pay online through our Faithstreet online. Simply go to our web site www.first-church.org click on Give and then click on Online Giving. You will need to set up an account. You can pay with your credit card or through your checking or savings account. The actual link is: https://www.faithstreet.com/church/first-congregational-church-of-columbus-columbus-oh/giving
We greatly appreciate your pledge commitment for 2014. If you have any questions, contact Sharon Leidheiser at ext 11.

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