Children's Ministry

The Children’s Ministry at First Church invites your children to join us in a loving Christian community where they will find opportunities to learn and grow in their faith.
Church School
Church School begins in September, the first Sunday after Labor Day, and ends the second Sunday of May. There are classes offered from Toddlers through Adults from 10 a.m. – 10:50 a.m. each Sunday.

Childcare is available in the Infant Room (birth to walking) and the Toddler Room (walking steadily until age 4). There are two paid childcare providers and volunteers scheduled for the busiest times.

Worship Connections

Children, preschool through second grade, are invited to the Children’s Library during the 11 a.m. worship service for a special time together. They may make crafts, hear special guests or check books out. The children will return to worship where they have an opportunity to participate in rest of the service.

Preschool Class
Teachers follow a simple lesson plan using Seasons of the Spirit (SoS) Curriculum.

Teachers offer age appropriate lessons focusing on sharing, being kind, being in a community, emphasizing that God loves them. Their actions show that church is a safe and fun place to be. "Routine and ritual are important at this age. Motor skills are improving and these little ones are able to accomplish tasks. Fertile and creative imagination is taking hold. Young children have an innate sense of awe and wonder about their surroundings, which is the beginning of spiritual growth." (SoS)

Kindergarten and First Grade Class
Teachers follow a lesson plan using Seasons of the Spirit Curricul
“The ability to reason and to consider other points of view has begun. Their thinking is quite “rule-bound” where everything is either right or wrong and the word fair means equal. Linking Bible stories with real life experiences is vital for these developing disciples. They can be encour­aged to ask “how” and “why” although they generally accept most of what they are told about God.” (SoS)

Second and Third Grade Class
Teachers follow a simple lesson plan using Seasons of the Spirit Curriculum.
"Bibles are used regularly in the classroom. Reading skills still vary widely and it is important to offer variety when engaging with the Bible. Peer group interest is increasing at this age and being a part of the group is very important. Literal and concrete thinking skills are strong at this age, although learners are also beginning to think abstractly. This age group is often skeptical. These children need to know it is acceptable to ask questions and wonder about new meaning. They need opportunities to begin developing their own belief systems and to make their own decisions." (SoS)

Fourth and Fifth Grade Class
Teachers follow a simple lesson plan using Seasons of the Spirit Curriculum.
"Awareness of a larger world is increasing, as are feelings about fair play and justice. Learners this age need opportunities to both reflect on justice issues as well as to engage directly and indirectly in the worldwide ministry of the church. They are begin­ning to break away from parental ties and form impor­tant ties with peers. They want to “look good” and be part of the group." (SoS)

Middle School Class (grades 6-8)
Middle School youth have longer attention spans, which allow them to be more self-directed in their learning. Friendships are important, and they are beginning to recognize a variety of viewpoints. Sessions provide opportunities for active exploration of Bible stories and encourage reading and writing skills. Varied activities meet the needs of different learning styles, and service projects help encourage a connection to the wider community.

High School Class (grades 9 – 12)
High School youth are eager to explore beliefs and engage issues of life and justice. They are supported and challenged as they live with questions, explore commitments and make key choices about their futures. Session resources put the Bible in context. Activities promote the development of leadership skills and serving in the local and global ministry of the church.

Working with CCAD students to paint murals in the Education Wing.
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