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Consider a Future Gift to First Church Endowment Funds

Many people provide a bequest in their will or trust for First Church and its endowments while others periodically give to the endowments in celebration of an event or kind act by another, or in honor of a loved one. Descriptions of our endowment funds are on the church website. All gifts help ensure that the church maintains its legacy of historic architecture, beautiful music, education, social justice, and to minister to the congregation, the local community and the world, bringing to life the adage of “Enter to worship, depart to serve.”

We are blessed as a congregation with a beautiful and historic church building; passionate, energetic and committed staff; and wonderful arts and music, faith formation programs and a historic dedication to mission and social justice. The First Church Trustees appreciate the support of members and friends over the years and into the future to enhance and maintain our legacy. Here are two ways to consider your year-end giving in 2019.


Members and friends of First Church, age 70½ and older, may now transfer up to $100,000 tax-free directly from an IRA to the charity of their choice. Please consider making a direct transfer to the Trustees, First Congregational Church, to support the Endowment of your favorite ministry or the Building Endowment Fund. The significant benefits are: 

* No federal or state income taxes are paid on the distribution from your IRA

* Your gift counts toward the required minimum distribution from your IRA

* Your gift will make a long-lasting impact at First Church 

A description of each Endowment Fund can be found on the First Church website at You can also speak with Pastor Tim Ahrens, Pastor Emily Corzine, Sharon Leidheiser or one of the First Church Trustees. Now is the time to talk with your financial institution to make a timely transfer. IMPORTANT: When you talk with your financial institution, please ask them to send a check or wire transfer directly to First Church. This is necessary to assure that the gift is deductible.    


By contributing long-term appreciated securities such as stocks, bonds or real estate to First Church, donors can avoid the capital gains taxes they would have incurred by selling the assets. Subject to new federal tax deduction limits, donors may also receive a charitable deduction for the fair, full market value of the donated assets. Please consult your tax professional for advice.

The First Church Trustees appreciate the support of members and friends over the years and into the future to enhance and maintain our legacy. Thank you!

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