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12-12-21 Poston Jesus Christ the apple tree

12-12-21 Anon Rejoice in the Lord alway

12-05-21 Manz E’en so, Lord Jesus, quickly come

12-05-21 Handel And the glory of the Lord

11-28-21 Susa Adam lay in bondage

11-28-21 Palestrina Matin Responsory

11-21-21 Thompson Last Words of David

11-21-21 Hoiby Let this mind be in you

10-24-21 Hairston I hear a’voice a’prayin’

102421-Hairston I hear a voice a prayin’.wav

10-24-21 Hancock O taste and see

10-17-21 Choral Evensong

Ayleward (09:24); Sumsion in A (19:57 and 27:54); Gardiner Evening Hymn (36:54)

10-10-21 Mendelssohn Verleih uns Frieden

10-10-21 Berger The eyes of all

10-03-21 Byrd Ave verum Corpus

10-03-21 Friedell Draw us in the Spirit’s tether

9-26-21 Paulus Pilgrims’ Hymn

092621-Paulus-Pilgrims’ Hymn.wav

9-26-21 Brahms How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling-Place

9-19-21 Marshall Blessed Are They

3-8-20 Chilcott God so loved the world

3-8-20 Runestad I will lift mine eyes

3-8-20 Runestad I will lift mine eyes

3-1-20 Bach Kyrie eleison

2-26-20 Byrd Miserere mei, Deus

2-23-20 Tschesnokoff Let Thy Holy Presence

2-23-20 Tallis O nata lux

022320-Tallis O nata lux.wav

2-16-20 Choral Evensong

0’00.9028 Opening Voluntary

8’35.2601 Preces-Rose

9’38.5641 Opening Hymn

11’58.1002 Psalm 46-Fenstermaker

18’50.8363 Magnificat-Sowerby in e

27’52.5478 Nunc dimittis-Sowerby in e

33’52.5278 Responses-Rose

39’24.8320 Sowerby-Now There Lightens Upon Us

52’40.6100 Closing Hymn

56’21.9578 Closing Voluntary


2-9-20 Sowerby Now There Lightens Upon Us

020920-Sowerby Now There Lightens Upon Us.wav

2-9-20 Chilcott Gift To Be Simple

2-2-20 Mozart Ave verum Corpus


2-2-20 Hoiby Inherit the Kingdom


1-26-20 Bartholomew “Little Innocent Lamb”

Evensong 01-19-20

Preces at 9:33

Psalm at 14:49

Magnificat at 22:45

Nunc dimittis at 32:04

Responses at 37:57

Anthem at 43:56

01-12-20 Carter Go Tell It On the Mountain

01-12-20 Mozart Laudate Dominum

12-22-19 Joubert “There is no rose”

12-22-19 Britten “Sweet was the song”

12-15-19 Carter I Wonder as I Wander

12-15-19 Sirret Thou Shalt Know Him When He Comes

12-08-19 Carter – O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

12-08-19 Willcocks-The Lord at First Did Adam Make

12-01-19 – Anthem – Palestrina Matin Responsory

Anthem-12-01-19 – Gawthrop – Come, thou long expected Jesus

Anthem 12-01-19 RVW-Kyrie eleison

Anthem 112419 – Nelson – Come, Ye Thankful People, Come


Anthem 112419 – Rorem – Sing, My Soul, His Wondrous Love

Vaughan Williams Mass in G Minor

0’00.7351 Kyrie eleison

3’29.9227 Gloria in excelsis

7’19.5551 Credo

13’53.7305 Sanctus

16’22.9463 Benedictus

18’45.7762 Agnus Dei

Evensong 11-17-19

Caracciolo Responses (07’22); Psalm 19 (11’27); Caracciolo Canticles (19’42 and 27’41); Harris “Faire is the Heaven” (38’35)

Anthem 102719 – Britten – Jubilate Deo in C


Anthem 102719 – Greene – Thou Visitest the Earth


Evensong 10-20-19

Leighton Responses; Psalm 114 ; Howells “Worcester”; Dove “Seek Him That Maketh the Seven Stars”


Anthem 101319 – Dove “Seek Him That Maketh the Seven Stars”


Anthem 100619 – Friedell Draw Us In the Spirit’s Tether


Anthem 100619 – Loosemore O Lord, Increase Our Faith


Canticles – Caracciolo in A Major

Recorded at Norwich Cathedral, 14 July 2018 by the First Church Choir


Anthem 09-29-19 Bruckner Locus Iste


Anthem 09-29-19 Radcliffe O God, My Heart Is Ready


Anthem 09-22-19 Arnesen Even When He Is Silent


Anthem 09-22-19 Rutter God Be In My Head



Jones “Gladden” Responses; Psalm 8; Hoiby Canticles; Mendelssohn “Behold, God the Lord Passed By”


Anthem 09-08-19 Philips The House of Faith Has Many Rooms


Anthem 09-08-19 Batten O Praise the Lord


Anthem 06-09-19 Tallis If Ye Love Me


Anthem 06-09-19 Vierne Gloria (Messe Solennelle)


Anthem 06-09-19 Vierne Agnus Dei (Messe Solennelle)


Anthem 06-02-19 Finzi God Is Gone Up


Anthem 06-02-19 Manz E’en So, Lord, Jesus, Quickly Come


Anthem 05-12-19 Thomson My Shepherd Will Supply My Need


Anthem 05-12-19 Howells The Lord Is My Shepherd (Requiem)


Anthem 04-18-19 Noble Go To Dark Gethsemane


Anthem 05-19-19 Arnesen “Even When He Is Silent”


Anthem 04-14-19 Ives – Nos autem gloriari


Anthem 04-14-19 Noble-Go To Dark Gethsemane


Anthem 04-14-19 Gesius Hosanna to the Son of David


Anthem 04-07-19 Fauré-Agnus Dei (Requiem)


Anthem 04-07-19 Batten “When the Lord Turned Again”


Anthem 03-31-19 Marshall None Other Lamb


Anthem-03-31-19 Farrant “Call to Remembrance

Anthem 03-24-19 – Rutter “The Lord is my light and my salvation”

Evensong- 17 March 2019

Farrant “Call to Remembrance”; Tallis Responses; Tallis “Short” Service; Rheinberger “Abendlied”

Anthem 03-10-19 Tchaikovsky A Legend

Anthem 03-10-19 Duruflé Kyrie eleison (Requiem)

Anthem 03-06-19 Tchaikovsky “A Legend”

Anthem 03-06-19 Byrd “Miserere mei”

Anthem 03-03-19 Sowerby “Eternal Light”

Anthem 03-03-19 Rutter “Open Thou Mine Eyes”

Anthem 02-24-19 Spiritual, arr. Moses Hogan “Steal Away”

Anthem 02-24-19 Howells “Behold, O God, Our Defender”

Evensong-17 February 2019

Caracciolo Responses; Howells in B Minor; Howells “Behold, O God, Our Defender”


Anthem 02-10-19 Williams “In the year that King Uzziah died”

Anthem 02-10-19 Mendelssohn “How lovely are the messengers” 

Evensong 5-1-16 Hoiby Nunc dimittis

Evensong 5-1-16 Hoiby Magnificat

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