Milestone Ministry

During your child’s baptism, parents and sponsors promise to “help this child grow in the Christian faith and life” and the community of First Church makes that same promise with you. First Church wants to help you fulfill that promise and one of the ways we do this is through our Milestone Ministry. Each year of your child’s life brings new milestones like starting school, getting an allowance, graduating from elementary school, starting high school, learning to drive, graduation, etc.  The milestones in the church follow these important markers by recognizing that God is with us no matter what.

Birth Milestone

 Newborn babies are celebrated with the gift of a new handmade baby quilt made by First Church Quilters.

Baptism Milestone

The Baptism Milestone is celebrated with a gift of a cradle cross and book.

Story Bible Milestone

Story Bibles are given to four year olds to help begin the child’s journey in the Scriptures.

4th Grade Bible Milestones

Each 4th grader receives a NRSV gift Bible. This tradition spans over 75 years at First Church.

Confirmation Milestone

8th graders and up are eligible for Confirmation classes that begin in September, and conclude with a Confirmation Service each May.

Blessing of the Keys Milestone

Youth obtaining their driving permit or drivers license receive a UCC key chain.


Graduation Milestone

High school, vocational school, and college graduations are recognized and a gift book is given to each graduate. 

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