October 5: Latest Update on Construction Projects

“Get Me to the Church On Time”:

Updates on Construction Projects


Driving to and from the Church

From East, West and South, unchanged. Coming from the north we recommend exiting I-71 South at Broad Street. Take Broad Street to Ninth Street. Enter church parking from Ninth Street.

From I-670, take Cleveland Avenue to Long Street. Follow the Cleveland Avenue detour signs: Turn East on Long Street to Washington Avenue; south to Broad Street. Turn right at Broad Street west to Ninth Street. Enter church parking from Ninth Street.

Depart the North Lot using Ninth Street south to Broad Street (right turn only), or through the West Lot or alley. Depart the West Lot using Cleveland Avenue north and south.

Parking Access for All Projects

The West Lot can be accessed from Cleveland Avenue, the alley north of the Carriage House, and from the North Lot via the alley. Access to the North Lot will be from Ninth Street northbound from Broad Street.


Building Access for All Projects

The Ninth Street door will ONLY be open on Sundays. Use the North Education Wing Entrance at all other times! Both doors will be locked shortly after the Sunday 11 a.m. service begins.  The elevator, Broad Street and West Lot doors will still be available.

From the North Lot, enter through the North Education Wing Doors. Ninth Street doors will not be open or monitored during the week. Elevator access will be maintained throughout. Follow signs. From the West Lot, use the sidewalk at the center of the lot to avoid the Park construction fence. Continue to the West or Broad Street doors.

Building Exterior Restoration – Phase 1

This church project will be performed on the eastern ‘Parish House’ part of the building and will include removal and rebuilding of all windows, replacement of steel lintels, and tuck pointing all mortar joints. Offices and meeting spaces will be relocated during this time. Scheduling for all meetings and use of the building is mandatory.

Current Activity:

Window re-installation and other miscellaneous tasks will be happening throughout October.  Please avoid work areas and equipment.

Church Main Office and other staff offices will remain in the Ed Wing until all work is complete.  Look for directional signs.


Anticipated Completion: November 12, 2018


Gladden Social Justice Park

This church project will transform the south end of the West Lot along Broad Street and along the east side of Cleveland Avenue into a community green space with numerous special features and artwork.

Current Activity:

Landscaping, irrigation and electrical installation work continues.  Installation of bluestone pavers to begin soon.  Some additional pavement replacement and repair remains.  The West Lot will be sealed and striped soon.

Anticipated Completion:  October 28 Dedication


Creative Campus Roadway Improvements

This City of Columbus project will upgrade the roadway, sidewalks, pedestrian safety, lighting and aesthetic elements of Cleveland Avenue, Gay Street, Ninth Street and Washington Avenue.


Anticipated Completion: October 22, 2018


Current Activity:

Cleveland Avenue has returned to two-way.

Gay Street is complete from Cleveland Avenue east to the first entrance into the Art Museum parking lot.  Gay Street is available for traffic to and from the Art Museum only.  There is connection to Ninth Street north or south.

Light poles, benches, etc. are now installed.  Some planting has been completed.  Trees will probably not be installed until November.  Grass areas near church property will be seeded soon.

Work on the East end of Gay Street and Washington Avenue continues.  Washington Avenue will continue to be one lane southbound.  Completion of major work anticipated by October 26.

Traffic on Ninth Street will continue to be two-way.  Ninth Street will be closed starting about October 29th for about 2 ½ weeks with access for service vehicles only.  The curbs and sidewalks on the church side of Ninth will be replaced.  Street lights will be added.  The road will be repaved.

Information on alternate access to the North Parking Lot will be forthcoming.

Ground Level Restroom Renovation and Addition

This church project will fully renovate the Women’s Restroom on the Ground Level near the Parish Hall.  The space once occupied by the Custodian’s Office, next to the Men’s Restroom, will become a Family Restroom with full ADA accessibility and a new small office space.

Current Activity:

All major construction work is complete.  Numerous details and finishing work underway.

Anticipated Completion:  October 15.

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