Online Worship Only for January 2022
Last week, the COVID Task Force met with staff to consider steps to be taken for the immediate future. We agreed that in-person worship should be paused for the foreseeable future. We also agreed on some steps needed to ensure the safety of our staff working in the building throughout the week. We took our recommendations to the Deacons and the Church Council. The Deacons and Church Council voted unanimously to pause in-person worship for January. 

There are other steps we decided as well. We believe that worship is the heart of our Christian life and faith. We are called by Jesus Christ to “love God and love our neighbor as we love ourselves.” Such love compels us during the worst pandemic in our lifetime to be fully vaccinated, well-masked, socially distanced, and washing our hands. 

With all this in mind, here are our guidelines for January Worship and the Congregational Meeting on January 30, 2022: 

  • All in-person worship will be paused for January 2022. 
  • All services of worship will be livestreamed during January 2022. 
  • On Sunday, January 30, we will hold only an 11 a.m. livestream worship service with the Congregational Meeting to follow on Zoom at 12 Noon.
The guidelines for the building and our life together include: 

  • All meetings during the week will be held online only. 
  • All visits to the building will be by prior appointment only, arranged directly with the main office or individual staff members.
  • Mask wearing for everyone inside the building (Tightly fitting masks recommended. No cloth masks at this time). 
  • Also, regular handwashing is recommended when working in the building. 

These guidelines will be in place until further notice.  
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