Employment Opportunity: Nursery-Childcare Employee
Nursery-Childcare Employee

The First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ

Columbus, Ohio
Reports to: Director of Christian Education
Starting Date: October, 2017
Effective: Immediately
Directly supervises: Infants, Toddlers and other children
Status: Part-time
FLSA: Non-Exempt
Job Summary
(1) To provide safe, secure, loving care for children so that their parents can participate in the Education Hour and Worship Service confident that their child is receiving excellent care.
(2) To provide Christian care so that the child will feel loved, connected and valued by his/her extended Christian family.
Essential Requirements for Employment and Functions
  • Childcare employee must be certified in Infant CPR/CPR and First Aid Training If not certified at time of application; applicant may be retained on temporary status until completion of required training if hired.
  • New Childcare employee will complete a 90-day review. All Childcare employees will complete a yearly review
  • All new Childcare employees will submit to criminal background check. This may include fingerprinting or other processes necessary to fulfilling State of Ohio child laws.
  • All Childcare employees must be able to work holidays if scheduled. Examples might include; Christmas Eve, Easter, Maundy Thursday, Memorial Day weekend, Thanksgiving weekend and other holiday events.
  • All Childcare employees will work as a team to develop work schedules in a fair manner and consistency. Childcare employees will notify each other in case of an emergency or sickness that restricts work and avoid lack of coverage. All Childcare employees are expected to help in such cases.
Other Responsibilities
  • Ensure that area looks clean, attractive and inviting.
  • As children arrive, greet them with warmth and caring.
  • Remind parent to complete the Check-In sheet.
  • Supervise and care for children.
  • All diaper changes must follow the attached guidelines and be noted on the
  • Check-In sheet. Care should be taken that children’s bottles, pacifiers and toys are not shared Children should not be left unsupervised for even a moment
  • Two (2) caregivers should be in the room with the children at all times
  • Actively play with them as time permits
  • Inform parents of their child’s time; refer to Check-In sheet. Verify attendance on Check-In sheet; use back to write names, addresses and phone numbers of visitors.
  • Clean and sanitize all large equipment used before children arrive and at the end of the work schedule.
  • Clean and sanitize all toys/supplies before children arrive and at the end of the work schedule.
  • Clean up should not begin until all children have been picked up.
  • Children and parents should feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Directions and interactions with children should always be stated positively. We do not punish. If a behavior problem occurs:
    modify the environment
    explain rules to children in clear, simple, consistent terms
    seek help from other staff person, parents
Minimum Qualifications
  • Childcare training, Infant CPR/CPR
  • First Aid Training
  • Demonstrate a love of children and a caring nature
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
Physical Requirements

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